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Alan S Adams


“Alan has really helped us focus on what’s important for growing our business and profits, he took us through his DEPTHTM programme and we’ve been able to make better decisions quicker, meaning faster growth. Alan’s been a huge asset to the business and I can highly recommend investing in his coaching programme.”
Mark Greenway | Director, Mooch Creative
"After meeting Alan, within less than an hour I decided to sign up for a one year coaching course, I doubled my clinic in 12 months, every clinic should have a consultant like Alan"
Maxine Moseley RGN NIP | Director | Maxine Moseley Skin Clinic
“ Alan has such a wealth of industry knowledge which he constantly updates in order to provide you, as his client, with the most cutting edge, and creative approaches to develop your business. His sense of humour, and ability to ‘think outside of the box’ are priceless qualities which you will find difficult to find elsewhere in the industry!"
Kirsty Jandrell | Director | TARA Professional Recruitment
“Alan has really helped me move the business forward - I don't think we would be where we are now without him. It has really helped look at things from a completely new angle, and I have developed ideas that I never would have had the confidence to do on my own! He has most definitely been a great investment”
Sally Wagstaff | Director | Xodos
“Alan has made a massive difference to my company and I would recommend Alan to anybody who wants to move their business forward”
Darren Taylor | Managing Director | Rainbow Safety Signs
Alan is awesome! I met Alan through one of his workshops, which I can thoroughly recommend and from then he has helped us focus on our business strategy. He is honest and straight talking which is what we needed and we have loved the whole process.
Marie Donaldson | Director | Fresh Clarity
Alan is not only willing to share his knowledge and expertise when helping his clients, but shows that he means what he says by always having your business in his mind when he is out and about linking you to people and potential opportunities between sessions. A valued coach that has become a valued friend.
David Hyner | Director | Stretch Development Ltd
Alan's shown us how to break things down into manageable chunks and he's taught us simple techniques which have led to great results and brilliant. We're more confident and more able to make better, quicker decisions, he has such a wealth of knowledge that no matter what the issue you're facing he’s able to help you. I can highly recommend engaging with him.
James Dean | Director | Freyja Medical
I've been working with Alan for well over 18 months and he's had a huge impact on helping grow my business with a solid focus on specific targets and numbers. I can recommend Alan to anyone looking for support and help to grow their business.
Charlie Hutton | Founder Of The One Man Empire

Give Your Business DEPTHTM