Holiday Lessons for Life and Business Planning Part One

Posted on: 01st June 2023


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Planning Your Holiday, Life and Business Planning are Really Similar

Well the 2020 definitely hasn't had many holiday plans happening, however we can all learn from how we book our holidays, nobody, decides one day to pack their bags, rocks up to an airport, points at a plane and says “I’ll go on that one” you could end up at some completely disastrous destinations and depending upon what you packed, completely unprepared for the location, a bikini in the Arctic won’t be of much use.

However a lot of people spend more time planning their holidays than they do with their life’s, or doing the business planning which is absolutely crazy way to live, but the process for a successful life, holiday or business is exactly the same.

You start by setting it as a written goal,

You Need to Know What You're Looking to Achieve and it Doesn't Matter if That's Business Planning or Life Goals

Decide what you want to achieve, what you want to do and why? (Have a great holiday, go snowboarding, because I love it) you set a date for what you are looking to achieve, (date you want to go on holiday) you look at where you want to be, what you want to achieve (the destination, what type of holiday you want and how you’ll feel while you’re there).

Then set out the steps you need to take, and any skills or resource gaps you require to meet (going snowboarding you need to learn new skills) and make a list of stuff you’re required to get (snowboard, appropriate clothing) and eventually the day comes when you achieve what you originally set out to do (You’re snowboard down a mountain having a fantastic time)

It's all About the Feelings That Your Life and Your Business Planning Needs to Give You That Life

Now did you notice that I put down about how it will make you feel? Ultimately everything we do we do because we want feel something, sense of achievement, love, happiness, contentment, it all comes back to feelings.

So what is it you want to achieve from your life or business and how will that make you feel and why is that so important? Once you know why you want it and you make that why as big as possible the how you’re going to achieve it becomes irrelevant, because you will do it no matter what it takes.

If You Want to Succeed in Life and Business, Write it Down and get use to Business Planning

Plus old saying “Don’t think it, ink it” has actually been scientifically backed up, as an example a doctors use to have 18% no show from their patients after they had booked the appointments, they reduced this to 9% just by rather than the receptionist writing out the appointment card she handed the card to the patient and got them to fill it out, it’s to do with how your mind views writing things down and from a physiological pointy of view it really powerful.

By Alan Adams

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