The Correct Way To Tie Your Shoelaces And Grow Your Business

Posted on: 16th April 2020


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Detail Matters When You Grow Your Business

I wanted to share a three-minute video with you today about the correct way to tie your shoelaces.

Now, I can just see the look on your face right now – you’re probably wondering whether I’ve finally gone and lost my marbles but stick with me a second.

Grow Your Business And Win

It turns out that there’s a ‘weak’ form of the knot we usually tie our laces in and a ‘strong’ one. You’ll have to watch the video to find out which you produce (!) – but the reason I wanted to share the video with you isn’t because I’ve suddenly developed a fascination with shoes or shoelaces.

It’s the last line the presenter Terry Moore delivers. He says, ‘Sometimes a small advantage some place in life can yield tremendous results someplace else’.

Grow Your Business In The Right Way

So, after you’ve learnt how to tie your shoelaces properly, go and put a nugget you’ve learnt into action.

Have a watch here –

I’ve talked about the power of small change quite a few times, it’s the little things that matter, small incremental increases across your business will lead to huge gains.

If you do this regularly, I promise you, your business won’t come undone like a weakly tied shoelace!

You'll Grow Your Business and Succeed

By Alan Adams 

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