What Excuses in Business do You Hear?

Posted on: 03rd May 2023


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Your Beliefs Can Sometimes be The Only Thing Holding You Back

It’s interesting sometimes to listen to the excuses people come up with for *not* doing something, especially the excuses in business, it's the economy, my staff aren't good enough, I can't get the people with the skills around here, people just wont pay the high prices, that wouldn't work here, its OK for them, they got in early.

Have You Heard Any of These Excuses in Business?

We all have fears, not being good enough being one of them, so a lot of the time rather than taking full responsibility for whats going on, we make excuses, the funny thing is as soon as we make excuses, we give the power away to be able to do anything about the situation, taking responsibility puts the power in your hands.

Don't Make Any Excuses in Business, You Give the Power Away

Business and life people make excuses, here's a few people who could of used age as a really good excuse - your Believes Can Sometimes be The Only Thing Holding You Back.

too young, too old… So I thought I’d share a few really interesting statistics with you…

Age 7 Mozart wrote his first symphony

Age 16 Swimmer Shane Gould won three Olympic medals

Age 17 Joan of Arc led an army in defence of France

Age 21 Fred DeLuca co-founded Subway with just $1,000 in the bank

Age 45 George Foreman became the Heavyweight Champion of the world

Age 46 Jack Nicklaus won his sixth Masters Tournament

Age 57 Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s

Age 62 Colonel Sanders devoted himself to Kentucky Fried Chicken

Age 83 Architect Frank Lloyd was asked which of his masterpieces was best and he replied “my next one”

Age 101 Buster Martin completed the London marathon

The last one’s my favourite! Buster would have been featured in the Guinness Book of Records but he’d never been issued with a birth certificate (seems they weren’t too hot on that sort of thing over a hundred years ago) and they suspected he was only 96. When he was asked about it, he told the reporter that the only Guinness he was interested in, was the sort he could drink

So what excuses in business have you heard?

By Alan Adams

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